Provider ICD-10 Readiness Assessment Survey

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) is seeking to better understand where providers stand with making the necessary changes required to be federally compliant with the October 1, 2014 implementation date for ICD-10. This survey will provide insight for OHCA to better plan their ICD-10 testing effort with providers. 

Please complete the following survey. Only by completing this survey will your organization have the potential to test ICD-10 claims with the OHCA prior to the October 1, 2014 implementation date.

Respondent's Full Name

Provider ID

Respondent's E-Mail Address
Contact Phone Number To Discuss Testing Procedures 

1. What Best Describes Your Provider Type?


Other Provider Type


2. What Type Of Software Do You Use To Submit Your Medicaid Claims?


Other Software Used


3. What Is The Sense Of Urgency Around ICD-10 In Your Organization?

4. What Status Best Describes Your Organization's ICD-10 Remediation Project?


5. When Do You Expect To Complete Business Changes (Workflow Redesign, Documentation) For ICD-10?


6. Have Any Of Your Software Vendors Provided Information On Their
ICD-10 Product Delivery And Installation?


7. When Do You Expect Software Changes For Your ICD-10 Related Applications To Be Complete?


8. When Do You Expect To Begin External Testing With Health Plans/Trading Partners?


9. Is your Organization Interested In Working With The OHCA To Submit Test Claims?


10. When Do You Anticipate Your Organization Would Be Ready To Submit Test Claims To The OHCA?


11. What Level Of Testing Does Your Organization Expect To Conduct With The OHCA And Other Health Plans?


 Other (Please Explain)


12. What Best Describes Your Organization’s Objectives For Testing With The OHCA? Please check All That Apply.


Other (Please Explain)