Open Government

Medicaid gives access to health care for those who qualify. This is determined based on income and/or resources. In Oklahoma, SoonerCare is the name of the Medicaid program. The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) is the state agency that runs the SoonerCare program. Medicaid looks different in each state, and SoonerCare meets the specific health care needs of Oklahomans. We are known across the country for our creativity and openness. We are proud to give you these links to important information related to our programs and services. If you need more information or have questions, please email us at


OHCA follows very specific procedures. OHCA is transparent in our process and invites public input to ensure informed decision making. The flowchart below outlines the paths that a proposed policy change may take from beginning to end, including opportunities for providing feedback. It provides only a summary of the process and should not be relied on as a legal document. 

We invite you to review proposed policy changes on our blog and offer your input. Any approved comments on a proposed policy change will be available for public view on the policy blog.

Note: Emergency rules do not require a notice of rulemaking intent (NRI) or a public hearing. Emergency rules bypass the Legislature and are reviewed directly by the Governor, who has 45 days to approve or disapprove the rule. Should an emergency rule not be approved by the Governor within the 45-day window, it is deemed disapproved. To be deemed an emergency rule, certain provisions must be met (see Oklahoma Statues Section 75).

Image - OHCA Policy Flowchart