2015 OHCA Tribal Partnership Action Plan

Topics identified by tribal partners at Oct. 21, 2014 Annual Tribal Consultation Meeting 


 (What does success look like?)
 (What do we need to do?)
Resources Needed
 (What do we need to get
this done?)
Progress Update 
 (What has been 
done so far?)
1. Health care services
reimbursement to ITU 
providers (ITU Uncompensated Care)

(Request from tribal leaders and I/T/U health care providers to OHCA for a waiver to allow payments for services not covered under SoonerCare)  
1. Hold tribal nations harmless from state budget reductions and sustain ITU reimbursement to address healthcare disparities.
1A. Tribal partners to lead 
advocacy efforts and create 
a timeline in coordination 
with key legislative 
representatives (e.g., Letter 
writing campaign, tribal 
resolutions, etc.) 1B. Oklahoma City Area 
Inter-Tribal Health Board 
will provide progress updates. 

1A. Legislative authority 
or executive order 

1B. Approved waiver 
from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) 

House Bill 1831 (Scott)
55th Legislature Session;
failed deadline on 02/26/15  
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2. Chronic disease prevention for SoonerCare tribal citizens

(Discussion revealed concerns and importance to address chronic disease prevention among tribal citizens.) 

Education: nutrition, new meal plans and healthy food choices at ceremonial practices. 

Intervention: Focus on Head Start programs and tribal youth  

Staffing: Tobacco cessation 
representative and wellness staff. 

1. Increase from 0 to 1 the number of culturally appropriate health communications campaign
for tribal SoonerCare members. 

2. Increase from 0 to 1 the number of health intervention efforts with tribal partners tailored to tribal SoonerCare children (e.g., tribal head start, 
JOM programs, boarding schools, etc.) 

3. Increase from 0 to 1 the creation of OHCA/Tribal Public Resource Directory.

1A. OHCA to convene a focus group for development of materials tailored to tribal SoonerCare members  

1B. OHCA collaborates with tribal partners to develop culturally appropriate messages that promote healthy living  

1C. OHCA to explore co-branding opportunities with tribal partners 

1D. OHCA works with tribal partners to develop and implement a health communications plan 

2A. OHCA to assess tribal partner needs and current health intervention strategies; propose and implement collaboration for a new intervention  

3A. OHCA collects all available tribal wellness online resources. 


1A. Healthy diet and food 
preparation resources (e.g., classes, cookbook, recipes, etc.)  

1B. Tribal, community and state leadership support  

OHCA has partnered with the Oklahoma City Area Inter-tribal Health Board (OCAITHB) to achieve these objectives. 

- 07/23/15 held first “Tribal Healthy Campaign” focus group at the Oklahoma City Area Inter-tribal Health Board. Attendees: Kaw Nation, Oklahoma City Indian Clinic (OCAITHB), OU Native American studies program, BlueCross/BlueShield.

- 09/17/15 The University of Oklahoma Native American Studies Program hosted follow up for “Tribal Healthy Campaign” at Ellison Hall. Attendees: Oklahoma City Area Inter-tribal Health Board, BlueCross/BlueShield and OHCA. 

- Absentee Shawnee Tribe participated in the 7th Annual Riverside Boarding School Dental Event was held on 08/28/15. 441 students received dental health education. 
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3. Primary care providers 
 recruitment in rural Oklahoma

(Discussion highlighted the need to recruit more primary care providers in rural Oklahoma).  
Increase from 0 to 4 OHCA facilitation of information (e.g. Training notices, contact  information, etc.) to tribal partners regarding recruitment of I/T/U SoonerCare primary care  providers to rural Oklahoma.

1A. Tribal partners collaborate with OSDH Office of Primary Care & Rural Health, Indian Health Service and OHCA to explore potential opportunities for recruitment. 

1B. OHCA to garner information from key partners for dissemination 

Participation from key partners:  
  • Indian Health Service 
  • OHCA 
  • On 08/04/15 OHCA emailed Espaniola Bowen’s contact information to all tribal partners. 
  • On 09/08/15 Information on The Oklahoma State Residency Program was emailed to all tribal partners.
  • On 12/09/15 OHCA emailed the HRSA Application Bulletin showing dates in which different loan and scholarship opportunities will be available.

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4. Non-emergency transportation 
for SoonerCare tribal citizens

(Discussion noted the need to address transportation to medical appointments in rural Oklahoma; and increase awareness about SoonerRide).  
  1. Increase the number of tribal transportation providers with SoonerCare from 0 to 1.
  2. Increase from 0 to 1 the number of tribal-specific SoonerRide outreach materials created. 

1A. OHCA to facilitate awareness of partnership opportunities between tribal transportation providers and SoonerRide 

1B. OHCA Tribal Relations will follow up with tribal partners, program manager and Logisticare to stay updated on contract process.   

2A. OHCA to seek input from tribal partners in the development and dissemination of outreach materials 

Participation from key partners:  

· Mike Van Pelt, Vice President Mikevp@logisticare.com

(Logisticare); will provide additional 
information on handicap accessible 
vehicles and the DHS 5310 program to tribal partners 

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5. Telemedicine needs in rural tribal communities
(To address access-to-care issues 
for tribal populations in underserved areas)
Increase from 0 to 1 the number of updated OHCA policies specific to the delivery of telemedicine services.

1A. OHCA to engage tribal partners to assess the need for increased telemedicine services; develop survey tool 

2A. OHCA Tribal Relations will work with tribal partners to develop and submit OHCA policy recommendations  

3A. OHCA policy unit will submit recommendations to OHCA leadership for approval. 

1A. Tribal participation and feedback. 
OHCA telemedicine policy approved by 
governing board on (07/01/13); (317:30-3-27.); 
(Improves access to health care services 
by enabling the provision of medical 
specialty care in rural areas to meet the needs of members and providers alike.)
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6. Insure Oklahoma Tribal Option
(This topic was agreed upon at Ad-hoc Tribal Consultation February 4, 2015. To address the high number of uninsured tribal citizens)
Increase from 0 to 1 the creation of a timeline for the implementation of the Insure Oklahoma Tribal Option in 2016
1. OHCA in collaboration with OSDH to convene a workgroup to explore needs and concerns of tribal partners (e.g. health measures, definitions, etc.)
1. Active participation and open communication

·IO waiver Tribal workgroup developed, 03/16/15. 

·OHCA, OSDH and tribal workgroup met at Tulsa Indian Health Care Resource Center on 03/16-17/15 to develop draft language for waiver

·Tribal workgroup attended calls with CMS, OHCA, and OSDH

·Five Tribes Inter Tribal Council approved a resolution in support of waiver, 04/09/15. 

IO Sponsor Choice waiver submitted on 05/06/15
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