About Us

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority is the primary entity in the state of Oklahoma charged with controlling costs of state-purchased health care. The agency must balance this fiscal responsibility with two, equally important goals:

  1. Assuring that state-purchased health care meets acceptable standards of care;
  2. Ensuring that citizens of Oklahoma who rely on state-purchased health care are served in a progressive and positive system.

Our Vision

Our vision is for Oklahomans to be healthy and to have access to quality health care services regardless of their ability to pay.

Our Mission Statement and Goals

Our mission is to responsibly purchase state and federally-funded health care in the most efficient and comprehensive manner possible; to analyze and recommend strategies for optimizing the accessibility and quality of health care; and, to cultivate relationships to improve the health outcomes of Oklahomans.

Goal #1 – Financing and Reimbursement
To responsibly purchase cost-effective health care for members by maintaining appropriate rates and to continue to strengthen health care infrastructure

Goal #2 – Program Development
To ensure that medically necessary benefits and services are responsive to the health care needs of our members
Goal #3 – Personal Responsibility
To educate and engage members regarding personal responsibilities for their health services utilization, behaviors, and outcomes

Goal #4 – Satisfaction and Quality
To protect and improve member health and satisfaction, as well as ensure quality, with programs, services and care

Goal #5 – Eligibility and Enrollment
To provide and improve health care coverage to the qualified populations of Oklahoma
Goal #6 – Administration
To foster excellence and innovation in the administration of the OHCA

Goal #7 – Collaboration
To foster collaboration among public and private individuals and entities to build a responsive health care system for Oklahoma

Our Behaviors

  • OHCA staff will operate as members of the same team, with a common mission, and each with a unique contribution to make our success.
  • OHCA will be open to new ways of working together.
  • OHCA will use qualitative and quantitative data to guide and evaluate our actions and improve our performance in a purposeful way over time.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan reports priorities identified by the OHCA’s board. This part of the report includes a comprehensive discussion of the current operating environment and any projected issues that may affect the SoonerCare (Oklahoma Medicaid) program such as, federal regulations, the uninsured, political climate and economic indicators. Updates of ongoing action plans are also presented. The Strategic Plan provides a road map for the agency’s forward motion.

The Service Efforts and Accomplishments (SEA) Performance Report is included with the Strategic Plan. It is constructed to report outcomes of OHCA’s efforts to achieve its mission, goals and objectives. Part of this process is defining standard performance measures indicating both quality and quantity; this has the benefit of also providing management expectations. The SEA report allows management to compare past, current and targeted performance measures to identify successes, challenges and opportunities. The report identifies how each measure is related to the agency’s goals and objectives, as well as relevant factors affecting outcomes.

Core Functions

The agency core function summary is a high-level, extremely simplified overview of each OHCA unit duties, responsibilities and contact information. The core function summary does not necessarily reflect all of the required or performed functions of each unit.