Frequently Asked Questions
  • What if I need my SoonerCare ID number?
    You no longer need to show your SoonerCare ID card for medical appointments. You will need to know your medical ID number to fill prescriptions. If you are asked to show an ID card, you can now print it from the member portal if you applied online.
  • How do I get my SoonerCare ID number?
    If you are asked to show an ID card, you can now print it from the member portal if you applied online at If you applied through the Department of Human Services, they can print an ID card for you. 
  • How can I find out the Status of a Prior Authorization?
    Contact the pharmacy help desk.
  • Will my prior authorization be good at any pharmacy?
    No, all prior authorizations are pharmacy specific.
  • How can I find out if a medication will require a Prior Authorization?
    Contact the pharmacy help desk.
  • How can I find out why my Prior Authorization was denied?
    Contact the pharmacy help desk.
  • How can I find out how many prescriptions SoonerCare will cover each month?
    For coverage information specific to you contact the pharmacy help desk.
  • How can I get more prescriptions on my SoonerCare card each month?
    Please contact your caseworker to see if you are eligible for additional prescription coverage.
  • How can I find out what my prescriptions co-payment will be?
    For those members 21 years of age or older, co-payment will be $4. 
  • For those members under 21 years of age or in a long-term care facility:
    • There is no co-pay.
  • How can I get my diabetic testing supplies covered through SoonerCare?
    You can get your diabetic testing supplies just like you do your prescriptions at your pharmacy.
  • Are smoking cessation products covered through SoonerCare?
    Yes, smoking cessation products are covered and do not count against your prescription limit.
  • Is Birth Control covered through SoonerCare?
    Most Birth Control is covered and does not count against your prescription limit.
  • I received a prescription from an out-of-state doctor; will SoonerCare pay for the prescription?
    SoonerCare will pay for prescriptions written by SoonerCare contracted doctors.  If the out-of-state doctor is a SoonerCare doctor, then it will be covered.  If they are not a SoonerCare doctor, the prescription will not be covered by SoonerCare.
  • Can I get a prescription filled at an out of state pharmacy?
    For SoonerCare to pay the out of state pharmacy, the pharmacy must have a current contract with SoonerCare.
  • A recently filled prescription was destroyed or lost.  Can I get it refilled through SoonerCare?
    Have your pharmacist call the  pharmacy help desk to request an override.  Depending on circumstances it may or may not be refilled.
  • Will SoonerCare pay for an early refill if I am going on vacation?
    No, SoonerCare will not authorize early refills due to vacations.
  • How can I get a reimbursement for a prescription I paid for?
    This depends upon the individual pharmacy's policy.  Generally, once the prescription is submitted to SoonerCare and paid, the pharmacy may issue a refund.
  • I cannot afford my co-payment and the pharmacy has already filled my prescription.  How can I get it?
    A pharmacy cannot deny medication based on inability to pay the co-payment, however the pharmacy may bill you for the co-payment.
  • I am eligible for benefits under the Family Planning Program.  What prescriptions are covered under Family Planning?
    Only family planning products or birth control medications.
  • How can I find out if I qualify for SoonerCare or the Advantage Waiver prescription assistance?
    Speak with your local DHS Caseworker or call the Advantage Waiver Program at (800) 435-4711.