LTCWO Mortality Review And Risk Management Steering Committee 

Mission Statement:

We envision a future in which members with physical disabilities and long term chronic illnesses participating in the waiver programs operated by OHCA and the LTCWO division can pursue optimal health, happiness and recovery to a full and satisfying life in the community via access to an array of effective services, supports and resources.

Background Info:

CMS recognizes quality improvement and assurance surveillance as a critical operational feature that an organization employs to continually determine whether it operates in accordance with the approved design of its program, meets statutory and regulatory quality assurances and requirements, achieves desired outcomes, and identifies opportunities for improvement.   The Mortality Review Steering Committee which is also comprised of a Risk Management Assessment Group was formed to ensure CMS that through design, discovery and remediation all reasonable actions are taken to adhere to program standards.

  • Mortality review promotes a culture of safety through seeking to understand systems that are working well and those that need improvement. 
    • Review all waiver members particularly those who have accidental, unexpected and questionable deaths
      • Identifying small trends
      • Concern for members not benefiting from a good death
      • Aggregate program wide analysis of member deaths
  • Risk Management Assessment Group provides review and analysis of member risk, mitigation of risk and options to address risk and obtain members preference for level of risk acceptance and informed choice to ensure these measures are built into the service plan and backup services selected by the member.
    • Risk assessment management
      • Addresses modifiable risk factors of chronic illnesses and early deaths
        • Poor nutrition
        • Drugs & alcohol abuse
        • Inactivity and resultant obesity
        • Poor informal support

As part of our ongoing Quality Improvement Strategy, utilizing staff from Sooner Care Operations, Care Management, Policy, Tribal Relations, Legal and Quality Assurance, this committee meets on a monthly and a summary report is posted five (5) days following the meeting.  Progress with implementation of recommendations will be reviewed at subsequent meetings.