Focus on Excellence Advisory Board

 The Focus on Excellence Advisory Board is comprised of community stakeholders across the state of Oklahoma.  The board is elected to make suggestions and input into the functionality of the FOE program.  The Advisory Board is instrumental in being the voice for the nursing home’s; residents; staff and loved ones.  They are the sounding board for what works and what can be improved upon.  They play a vital role in the ongoing success of the FOE program.


Primary Function:

·         Advise and assist the FOE program

·         Advise new strategies for best practices

·         Determine most effective rating strategies

·         Discuss value based information as it relates to the quality of care within the nursing home structure

·         Evaluate and assess most appropriate culture change needs within the LTC industry

·         Make recommendations of best practices

·         Ensure the 9 quality metric system enhances nursing homes

·         Voice for consumers; residents; family members


Responsibilities and Role:

·         To ensure the integrity of the program through the LTC industry needs, the legislative requirements; state regulations and community/family needs and desires.  To maintain; ensure and stay current on the most innovative and effective means to achieve increased quality of care; cultural needs; physical/emotional needs of nursing home residents and specific processes within the LTC industry.

·         To understand the metric system

·         To have experience in LTC

·         To be up to date on pertinent issues facing LTC

·         Objectivity

·         Encourage open dialogue and communication within the group

·         Support growth and best practices

·         Comprehend needs of resident; family member/loved ones

·         To be budget conscious


Board Membership  

Care Providers Oklahoma

Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality (OFMQ)

Leading Age

Silver Hair Legislature

Private Owners


LTC Administrators

Department of Health

Family Members



The mission of the board is to ensure the validity of program functionality; which includes but is not limited to technical services; data entry processes; program improvements; review processes; as well as education and training processes. 

Recommendations to the above named policy and procedure protocols are made by the FOE advisory board to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority for approval or disapproval.

The vision of the board is to continually improve and enhance the programs’ operations and functionality in order to establish and ensure the highest quality of care and quality of life in nursing facilities across the state of Oklahoma.


Mary Brinkley

Executive Director 

Leading Age Oklahoma

El Reno, Oklahoma


Marietta Lynch

Facility Owner

Beadles Home

Alva, Oklahoma 


Brett Coble

Facility Owner

Elmbrook Homes

Ardmore, Oklahoma


Hank Hartsell

Deputy Commissioner

Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH)

Oklahoma City         


John Leon, RN MPH

Nursing Home Project Specialist

Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Scott Pilgrim

Managing Member

Diagnosis Group LLC

Bixby, Oklahoma


Diane Sturdevant PHD

Director of Nursing

Mitchell Manor Convalescent Center

McAlester, Oklahoma


William Whitehead

State Long Term Care Ombudsman

Oklahoma Department of Human Services

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma