Focus on Excellence/Oklahoma Nursing Home Ratings


To allow nursing facilities that are established and rooted in Oklahoma the opportunity to achieve above and beyond the standard level of care already being provided. This program is goal oriented to enrich the nursing facilities’’ overall quality of care.


Our vision is that all facilities will receive incentive reimbursement, and the state of Oklahoma will have the top-rated care in nursing facilities across the nation. This will enhance not only the nursing facilities and their employees, but the lives of Oklahomans and their families.


Focus on Excellence, is the OHCA program designed to measure and ensure the integrity, quality and overall wellness of consumers and LTC facilities. The Focus on Excellence program began July 1, 2007. All Oklahoma Long Term Care Facilities are eligible to participate in the program. We currently have 290 actively participating.

The quality measures are:

Program Guide

  1. Person-Centered Care
  2. Direct Care Staffing
  3. Resident / Family Satisfaction Survey
  4. Employee Satisfaction Survey
  5. Licensed Nurse Retention
  6. CNA Retention 
  7. Distance Learning
  8. Peer Mentoring
  9. Leadership Commitment


Distance Learning Measure

National Association of Health Care Assistants
Jeffery S Wellman
Director, Professional Development
417-623-6049 Office

Relias, LLC
Amy M. Johnson
Manager of Accreditations

Healthcare Academy
Marnie Braun








Focus on Excellence provides consumers; family members; loved ones; and communities a web site that features FOE’s LTC facilities. The site provides the ability to search facilities alphabetically; individually; by quality metric; and/or by significance/importance. Stars on the Oklahoma nursing home web site are achieved by facilities participating and completing the 9 quality measures, each measure with their own set point. The Stars are the searchers’ tool to identify which areas may be important and significant to the family, consumer and/or loved one. Each quality measure will have a star rating from one to five.

For further information and assistance, please contact:

Jennifer Wynn
Quality Assurance Coordinator

Eboni Bolds
Senior Program Analyst

Irene Sanderson
Senior Program Analyst

Brenda Smith
Program Analyst

Dena Merchbanks
Program Analyst