About Living Choice

  • Living Choice Core Values and Beliefs 
  • Living Choice Advisory Committee will assist the OHCA and its partner agencies in the design, development, and implementation of the Living Choice Program. Working within the structure of the OHCA's Board of Directors, the Living Choice Advisory Committee will provide consumer and family perspectives.

As the lead agency in the Living Choice Project, the OHCA will be responsible for:

  • Supervision and monitoring of the Living Choice Project
  • Procedures for resolving complaints
  • Financial management
  • Contracting and arranging service delivery
  • Quality improvement

Mission and Vision Statements

  • The mission of the Living Choice Project is to make community living possible for Oklahomans of all ages disabilities or long-term illness
  • The Living Choice Project will empower individuals to choose and control the services and supports they need to live and be a part of the community

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