Living Choice Core Values and Beliefs

  • All persons are capable of growth and development.
  • All persons have value.
  • All persons must be involved in and carry the primary responsibility for the decisions which affect their lives.
  • All persons should live and work in the most natural and integrated settings.
  • All persons should live in and be a part of the community.
  • All citizens have the right to fully exercise their rights as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.
  • People First Language will pervade all communications and interactions. People are considered people first and are not identified by their disability, race, background, culture and socioeconomic status.
  • The Living Choice Project approach to transition planning promotes a holistic view of a person during the transition planning process and enhances coordination of supports and services.
  • The Living Choice Project facilitates individual and professional collaboration at both the state and local level including program development, implementation, evaluation, and policy formation.