Native American Consultation Page

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The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) seeks advice from Indian Health Services,tribal organizations and urban lndian clinics (I/T/U) in developing new or amended state plans, waiver amendments, or policy changes.

The Native American page is designed to notify Indian Health Services, tribal organizations, and urban lndian clinics of any state plan, waiver, or proposed rule changes by providing an online tribal consultation forum.

This forum will provide I/T/U's an opportunity to review and make comments.

To view or make comments on upcoming proposed policy, state plan, and/or waiver changes, please click the link of the change(s) below.



Use the links below to make suggestions on rules not currently being considered for change.



Policy Change Blog


Click on a policy change blog post below to view more information and add your input.

Disclaimer: Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) policy comment section will be reviewed and considered under the current change. Personal information should not be shared/or submitted in the comment section. This comment section is reserved for proposed rule changes. Any approved comments on a proposed policy change will be available for public view on this site.