SoonerRide is a program that helps SoonerCare members get to and from their appointments, if they need a ride. SoonerCare partners with LogistiCare Solutions, LLC, to provide this non-emergency transportation service for both the SoonerCare Traditional and SoonerCare Choice programs.


Some important features of SoonerRide are: 

  • It arranges to take the member to medically-necessary services covered by SoonerCare
  • The member must call at least three business days before the appointment to arrange for a ride.
  • A trip authorization number must be obtained in advance through the reservation line for gas/mileage reimbursement.


Help decrease no-shows in your office


No-shows don't help our members or our providers. However, there is a tool to help providers get patients on the road to recovery - literally!    

TripCare offers a service to help providers get SoonerCare members in for care when transportation is an issue.    

The service is provided by LogistiCare, which administers OHCA's long-standing SoonerRide program. SoonerRide lets SoonerCare members schedule non-emergency transportation to health care appointments for themselves. Alternatively, TripCare allows the provider to schedule the ride. 

This service is at no cost to the provider; however, an EDI form is required to get started.   

Providers will receive a username and password after the EDI form is submitted to LogistiCare via fax at 1-800-597-2091.





The member can schedule a ride by calling toll-free 877-404-4500 and TDD 800-722-0353 during these hours:

  • Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., for routine reservations
  • 24/7 for all hospital discharge and urgent/same-day transports

The member may also make reservations online at

Important: Be sure the member writes down the confirmation number.



  • Quality Assurance Line
    800-243-5560, ext. 2203


Stretcher Services

Some SoonerCare members require additional assistance (those in wheelchairs or who have other health issues which affect their mobility). Click here to learn more about SoonerRide’s stretcher services.


Lodging and/or Meal Services

If a member must travel a long distance in order to access SoonerCare-approved medical services with a specialist doctor, then the member and/or one medical escort may be approved for lodging and/or meals services.

The provider’s office can contact the SoonerCare Population Care Management Division at 877-252-6002 to refer the member for help with lodging and/or meals during their trip. Please review the information below regarding eligibility and making a referral. Care Management will review the request and notify you of approval or denial. 

Hospital social workers can also help with this process and, in some cases, may be able to issue a voucher directly to a SoonerCare lodging provider.



For more information about payment for lodging and meals services, see OHCA Policy and Rules OAC 317:30-3-64.