2014 OHCA Tribal Partnership Action Plan

Topics identified by tribal partners at Oct. 23, 2013 Annual Tribal Consultation Meeting

 (What does success look like?)
 (What do we need to do?)
Target Audience
 (Who will directly
 benefit from this?)
Resources Needed
 (What do we need to get
this done?)
Progress Update
 (What has been
done so far?)
1. ITU Uncompensated Care
(Request from tribal leaders and
health care providers to OHCA
for a waiver to allow payments 
for services not covered under
Sustained reimbursement
for tribal health care facilities
in an effort to address
health care disparities.
The Oklahoma City Area Intertribal
Health Board (OCAITHB) will keep
tribal partners informed of the waiver
process status.
Tribal citizens; ITU health care
providers; and OHCA
Legislative authority or
executive order; Approved
waiver from CMS
Tribal partner supported
House Bill 1581; bill failed to
appear on Senate
subcommittee agenda;
April 2014
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2. Tribal-specific Dialysis Services
Reimbursement Contract

(Request from tribal leaders and 
health care providers to OHCA
for development of a tribal 
contract for dialysis services
Increase from zero to one
the number of assessment 
reports developed by OHCA in
cooperation with tribal partners
and key stakeholders by
Dec. 31, 2014.

Establishment of contract that
recognizes tribal sovereignty 
and reimburses at the federal
OMB rate (long-term goal).
1. OHCA will research with legal and
federal oversight agency (CMS).

2. OHCA will get data from IHS and 
tribes regarding dialysis services

3. OHCA to provide progress update 
to tribal partners and key stakeholders
during bi-monthly consultation
ITU providers
Cost information from ITUs
currently providing
dialysis services. 
OHCA currently
developing assessment

Tribal Relations has held
internal meetings with OHCA staff
looking into contract possibilities.
Tribal Relations has called other ITUs
to determine the need and current dialysis process.



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3. Preventive Care for SoonerCare
Tribal Citizens

(Discussion focused on concerns 
about health disparities i.e. diabetes, 
cardiovascular, and obesity among
tribal citizens). 
Increase from zero to one the
number of assessment reports 
developed by OHCA summarizing
assessment findings on preventive
care and shared with tribal 
partners and key stakeholders
by Dec. 31, 2014.

Healthier SoonerCare tribal 
population through referrals
and coordination between 
SoonerCare PCPs and tribal
wellness programs (long-term 
1. OHCA research current statewide
and national efforts.
2. Survey tribes about their wellness
programs (i.e. diabetes grant
initiatives, wellness centers, 
nutritionists, etc.) and ITU 
primary care providers.
3. Collaborate with Oklahoma
State Department of Health diabetes
grant application.
4. OHCA and OSDH joint strategic
plan workgroup to collaborate related
initiatives to address health disparities
among SoonerCare members.
5. OHCA will partner with CMS
to receive technical assistance. 
SoonerCare members
Participation from tribal
partners in workgroups

Data related to tribal
wellness programs

Existing preventive care
programs, successes and 
lessons learned from tribal
and state partners

Tribes to participate with
In 2013 OHCA was
chosen to participate
in the Medicaid Learning
Prevention Network
(MLPN) for enhanced
technical assistance
from CMS & CDC;
tribal partners have
been invited to
participate in calls.

OHCA is developing
an assessment tool with
the assistance of the
OHCA & OSDH diabetes
prevention rapid cycle

A survey was developed and
sent to 18 tribal wellness programs.
OHCA received seven responses
from wellness programs, has
yet to identify a tribal model.

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4. Tribal Consultation: OHCA to
ensure tribal input is solicited
in the decision-
making and priority-setting

(Request from tribal partners to make
sure tribes are invited to and informed
early of possible changes to the
SoonerCare program). 
By Dec. 31, 2014, increase from
7.43 by 30 percent the average
number of tribal nations and 
tribal-serving entities that
participate in tribal 
consultation made available
by OHCA 
1. OHCA conducts tribal
consultation meetings (bi-monthly,
annual, ad-hoc); tribal leader notices
(letters and emails); permanent
step in rule-making process.

2. OHCA to utilize video conferencing
capabilities in an effort to attract
attendees from significant distances.

3. Tribal partners to actively provide
OHCA with feedback from
consultation notices.

4. OHCA to provide more detailed
response after tribal partners
offered consultation and feedback.

5. OHCA to provide frequent updates
to tribal partners about any policy, 
waiver, budget or other business

6. Have face-to-face meetings to
share experiences, networking and
identify gaps/issues.

7. OHCA to convene post 
consultation meetings to clarify issues
and update on status of any changes
to the SoonerCare program. 
Tribal partners and OHCA
Meaningful feedback
and participation from 
tribal leadership and 

Face-to-face networking
OHCA has instituted a
reoccurring follow-up
consultation meeting.

3/14/14 Inaugural
consultation attended
by five tribal individual

5/30/14 OHCA held
its second follow-up
consultation attended by
nine tribal individual partners.

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5. Increased outreach to tribal citizens
(Input indicated information about the
SoonerCare program isn't readily
available in tribal communities. For
example, an eligibility criterion has
changed for several programs, but
the community-level members were
unaware. OHCA needs to better inform
tribal citizens.)
  • Medium: books, brochures, articles, etc.
  • Content: What specific information
    should be included?
  • Distribution: What is the best way to
    get information to tribal citizens? 
Increase from zero to one the
number of new and culturally
appropriate outreach 
communication mediums
developed by the workgroup
and distributed in tribal
communities by Dec. 31, 2014.

Effective communication, 
education and linkage to tribal
communities about the
SoonerCare program (long-term
1. Establish OHCA tribal outreach
workgroup (will include OSDH 
Office of Tribal Liaison, tribal
partners, IHS, Urban Indian clinic
partners and OKCAITHB) to
enhance outreach to tribal citizens.

2. Workgroup to brainstorm and
develop a coordinated plan to
enhance outreach (e.g. an APP,
partner with OSDH on Honor What
is Sacred campaign, incorporate
identifiable Native Americans in
outreach materials, incorporate
personal stories, educate tribal
citizens that they are
contributing to health care for
more people, train WIC clinic staff
to provide education to patients
on IHS and SoonerCare).

3. Workgroup to conduct face-to-
face meetings to share progress
among tribal partners. 
Tribal citizens who are
seeking health care services;
and tribal partners; and 
Workgroup participation
and possible facilitator
for brainstorming activities 
OHCA is developing a
SoonerCare brochure.
Estimated date of 
dissemination: July 
2014. Due to lack of agency
resources, tribal-specific
promotional items have
not been addressed). 


 · Native American Veterans
Benefit Enrollment Fair (2/21/14)
Holdenville, OK

 · Health and Exercise for
Busy Lives (3/27/14) Seminole, OK

 · OKCIC women's
health fair (5/12/2014)
Oklahoma City, OK

 · Kiowa Tribe Spring
Health Fair (5/8/14) Carnegie, OK

 · Delaware Nation Summer
Fest (5/30/14)  Anadarko, OK

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6. Increase ITU provider support
(ITU staff highlighted concern about lack
of OHCA technical support for provider-
related issues).
  •   Provider Services single point
    of contact for ITUs
Increase from 1 to 2 the number
of trainings conducted by OHCA
as requested by ITU providers 
by Dec. 31, 2014.

Enhance OHCA technical support
for ITU providers (long-term
1. Assigned staff at OHCA to
develop and disseminate training
flyers or brochures to ITU providers
as means to inform training services
made available to them.

2. Provide training to ITU providers 
on requested topics.

3. Conduct training evaluation to
seek feedback for enhancement

4. Improve training based on
evaluation feedback received.

5. Enhance webpage navigation.

6. Create an ITU-specific class
for OHCA provider trainings. 
ITU providers; OHCA
Trainer (Stephanie
or 405-522-7096) 
As of June 2014, OHCA
has conducted 14 ITU

2 Provider Portal Trainings RE: Submission
of Referrals (1/27/14 & 6/6/14)

5 SoonerCare Updates Trainings
(12/17/2013, 4/5-4/6/14, 4/12/14, 5/15/14, 5/21/14)

2 Agency View Trainings (4/23/14, 6/26/14) 

1 Public health Nursing Training (5/9/14) 

1 Regional CMS Event/Training (5/12-5/13/14) 
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