Nursing Home Quality

Quality of Care Fund Assessments

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) was mandated by the Oklahoma Legislature to assess a monthly service fee to each Licensed Nursing Facility in the State. The fee shall be assessed on a per patient day basis. The amount of the fee shall be uniform for each facility type. The fee shall be determined as six percent (6%) of the average total gross receipts divided by the total days for each facility type. In determination of the fee for the time period beginning October 1, 2000, a survey was mailed to each licensed nursing facility requesting calendar year 1999 Total Patient Days, Gross Revenues and Contractual Allowances and Discounts. This data shall be used to determine the amount of fee to be assessed for the period of 10-01-00 through 06-30-01. The fee shall be determined by totaling the "annualized" gross revenue and dividing by the "annualized" total days of service.

"Annualized" means that the surveys received that do not cover the whole year of 1999 shall be divided by the total number of days that are covered and multiplied by 365. (3) The fee for subsequent State Fiscal Years shall be determined by using the monthly gross receipts and census reports for the six (6) month period October 1 through March 31 of the prior fiscal year, annualizing those figures, and then determining the fee as defined above. (4) Monthly reports of Gross Receipts and Census shall be included in the monthly Quality of Care Report. The data required includes, but is not limited to, the Total Gross Receipts and Total Patient Days for the current monthly report. The method of collection shall occur as follows:

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority shall assess each facility monthly based on the reported patient days from the Quality of Care Report filed two (2) months prior to the month of the fee assessment billing. As defined in this subsection, the total assessment shall be the fee times the total days of service. The Oklahoma Health Care Authority shall notify the facility of its assessment by the end of the month of the Quality of Care Report submission date.