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OHCA's interactive dashboards are designed to provide easy access to customizable data for anyone who is interested. Individuals can tailor data searches to meet specific needs (e.g. particular county, age group, etc.)

New dashboards are added periodically. You may sign up to receive email alerts when new ones are added, or visit this page to see what’s new. For additional SoonerCare or Insure Oklahoma data, click here to view Fast Facts.

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Expenditures & Members by County
Expenditures and Members by Legislator
Historic Category of Member Services and Expenditures
SoonerCare and Insure Oklahoma Members by Age
SoonerCare Monthly Enrollment 2006 to Present
 ExpMembers_County ExpMembers_Legislator Historic Member Srvcs Members by Age  Mthly Enrollment
SoonerCare members,
expenditures and percent change by county and SFY
SoonerCare members and expenditures by county, legislator's county and SFY
SoonerCare members,
expenditures and average expenditures
per member by type of service provided and SFY
Age breakdowns and percent change for SoonerCare and
Insure Oklahoma members by SFY
SoonerCare enrollment breakdowns and member demographics by month from 2006 to the current month