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Monthly Enrollment Fast Facts

  • Total Enrollment (updated 9/19/2014) – Overall SoonerCare program member demographics and breakdowns.
  • Total Enrollment by County (updated 4/17/2014) – Overall SoonerCare program member demographics and breakdowns by county. 
  • SoonerCare Children (updated 9/19/2014) – Overall children (age 18 and under) enrollment in SoonerCare.
  • SoonerCare Adult (updated 9/19/2014) – Overall adult (age 19 and over) enrollment in SoonerCare.
  • SoonerCare Choice (updated 4/18/2014) – Overall SoonerCare Choice program demographics and breakdowns.
  • Children under 18 by Race & County (updated 4/17/2014) – Overall children enrollment in SoonerCare by race and county.
  • American Indian (updated 4/18/2014) – SoonerCare demographics and breakdowns for American Indians.
  • Oklahoma Cares (updated 4/17/2014) – SoonerCare’s Breast and Cervical Cancer treatment program.
  • SoonerPlan (updated 8/14/2014) – Statistics for the Oklahoma family planning program called SoonerPlan.
  • TEFRA (updated 4/17/2014) – Home care program for children with physical or mental disabilities.
  • PACE (updated 4/18/2014) – Enrollment demographics and breakdowns for Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly.
  • Third Party Liability (updated 9/18/2014) – Enrollment demographics and breakdowns for SoonerCare members with additional insurance through a third party.
  • Online Enrollment (updated 1/14/2014) – Overall member enrollment number performed online.

Insure Oklahoma Fast Facts

Provider and Service Fast Facts

  • SoonerCare DME Fast Fact Quarterly (4/18/2014) – Quarterly report of DME services provided to SoonerCare members.
  • Provider Fast Facts (updated 9/19/2014) – Statistics for health care providers enrolled in SoonerCare.
  • Provider Fast Facts by County (updated 9/19/2014) – Statistics for health care providers enrolled in SoonerCare by county.
  • Pharmacy (updated 4/18/2014) – Pharmacy usage and prescription statistics for SoonerCare members.
  • Dental and Perinatal Dental (PDen) (updated 4/18/2014) – Quarterly statistics for the dental care program for SoonerCare members and for pregnant and postpartum women.
  • NET FF (updated 11/20/2013) – provides a quarterly report of non-emergency transportation activities.
  • Behavioral Health (updated 4/23/2014) – Monthly statistics for SoonerCare’s behavioral health care services.

Miscellaneous Fast Facts

  • Annual Deliveries (updated 9/30/2013) – Report covering SoonerCare members with paid delivery (birth) claims.
  • Annual Emergency Department SFY2014 (updated 9/19/2014) – The Emergency Department (ED) Fast Fact provides a summary of physician, facility ED charges and overall ED utilization by SoonerCare members.
  • CNA (updated 3/20/2013) – Provides quarterly participation statistics for the CNA training program. The OHCA provides training for Oklahoma certified nursing aides working in an Oklahoma nursing home. The program is designed to improve continuum of care and quality of life in nursing homes.
  • Dual Enrollees (updated 12/17/2013) - Annual enrollment demographics and breakdowns for SoonerCare members also enrolled in Medicare (Duals)
  • SoonerCare Home and Community-Based Services Waivers (updated 7/22/2013) – Quarterly report of members utilizing alternatives to long-term care facilities.

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