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317:35-6-50.Countable sources of income

[Issued 07-01-13]

Unless an exception listed in OAC 317:35-6-51 applies, all income included in Modified Adjusted Gross Income in Section 36B of the Internal Revenue Code is included in the MAGI calculation for SoonerCare eligibility.

317:35-6-51.Exceptions to Internal Revenue Code rules

[Issued 07-01-13]

(a) The following sources of income are excluded from household income for SoonerCare eligibility under MAGI, regardless of whether they are included in MAGI in Section 36B of the Internal Revenue Code:

(1) Scholarships, awards, or fellowship grants used for education purposes and not for living expenses; and

(2) The following types of American Indian / Alaska Native income:

(A) Distributions from any property held in trust, subject to Federal restrictions, located within the most recent boundaries of a prior Federal reservation, or otherwise under the supervision of the Secretary of the Interior;

(B) Distributions and payments from rents, leases, rights of way, royalties, usage rights, or natural resource extraction and harvest from:

(i) Rights of ownership or possession in any lands described in Paragraph (a)(2)(A) of this section; or

(ii) Federally protected rights regarding off-reservation hunting, fishing, gathering, or usage of natural resources;

(C) Distributions resulting from real property ownership interests related to natural resources and improvements:

(i) Located on or near a reservation or within the most recent boundaries of a prior Federal reservation; or

(ii) Resulting from the exercise of federally-protected rights relating to such real property ownership interests;

(D) Payments resulting from ownership interests in or usage rights to items that have unique religious, spiritual, traditional, or cultural significance or rights that support subsistence or a traditional lifestyle according to applicable Tribal Law or custom;

(E) Student financial assistance provided under the Bureau of Indian Affairs education programs; and

(F) Distributions from Alaska Native Corporations and Settlement Trusts.

(b) Amounts received as a lump sum are counted as income only in the month received (see also OAC 317:35-10-26).  If a lump sum amount is received from an income source that is not counted in MAGI according to section 36B(d)(2)(B) of the Internal Revenue Code or the exceptions listed in this section, the amount is not counted.

317:35-6-52.Adjustments to income

[Issued 07-01-13]

Amounts subtracted from gross income to calculate MAGI for a household are defined in Section 36B of the Internal Revenue Code. No other deductions are applicable, except the subtraction of 5 percent from the percentage of FPL as provided in OAC 317:35-6-39.

317:35-6-53.Determination of current monthly income

[Issued 07-01-13]

(a) Use of current monthly income. Current monthly income is used in determinations of financial eligibility at application, when a member reports a change in circumstances, and at renewal. See 317:35-6-39 for potential exceptions.

(b) Calculation of monthly income. For computation of monthly income, see OAC 317:35-10-26(e).

(c) Anticipated income. Income which can reasonably be anticipated to be received is considered to be available for the month its receipt is anticipated.

(d) Expected changes in income. Reasonably predictable future increases or decreases in income, such as for contract or seasonal employees, are prorated over the year the income is expected to support the household. The predicted annual amount of the income is divided by 12 to reach the monthly amount.

(e) Lump sum income. Whether a particular lump sum is counted in household income depends first on whether the source of the lump sum is a countable source of income according to OAC 317:35-6-50 and OAC 317:35-6-51. See also OAC 317:35-10-26 for detailed rules regarding lump sum income.

317:35-6-54.Determination of current monthly amount of adjustments to income

[Issued 07-01-13]

(a) Expenses or losses that qualify as deductions for MAGI according to OAC 317:35-6-52 are totaled to reach an annual amount. The annual amount is then divided by 12 and subtracted from gross monthly income to calculate the household's current monthly MAGI.

(b) Whether a deduction is allowed when it has already been paid or when it has only been incurred is determined in accordance with Section 36B of the Internal Revenue Code.

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