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317:35-5-41.3.Automobiles, pickups, and trucks
[Revised 09-01-15]

Automobiles, pickups, and trucks are considered in the eligibility determination for SoonerCare benefits. Verification of the member's countable resources held in bank accounts or at other financial institutions can be established through an AVS.

(1) Exempt automobiles. One automobile is excluded from counting as a resource.

(2) Other automobiles.The equity in other automobiles, pickups, and trucks is considered as a countable resource. The current market value, less encumbrances on the vehicle, is the equity. Only encumbrances that can be verified are considered in computing equity.

(A) The market value of each year's make and model is established on the basis of the "Avg. Trade In" value as shown in the current publication of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) on "Cars, Trucks, and Imports".

(B) If a vehicle's listing hasbeen discontinued in the NADA book, the household's estimate of the value of the vehicle is accepted unless the worker has reason to believe the estimate is incorrect.

(C) The market value of a vehicle no longer operable is the

verified salvage value.
(D) In the event the member and worker cannot agree on the value of the vehicle, the member secures written appraisal by two persons who are familiar with current values. If there is substantial unexplained divergence between these appraisals or between the book value and one or more of these appraisals, the worker and the member jointly arrange for the market value to be established by an appraisal made by a third person who is familiar with current values and who is acceptable to both the member and the worker.

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