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317:35-21-3.CDC screening
[Revised 06-25-11]
(a) To be eligible for the Oklahoma Cares Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment program, a woman must be screened under the CDC Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program. A woman is considered screened under the CDC program if her screening was provided all or in part by CDC Title XV funds, or the service was rendered by a provider funded at least in part by CDC Title XV funds, and/or if she is screened by another provider whose screening activities are pursuant to CDC Title XV of the Public Health Service (PHS) Act.
(b) Prior to certification of the BCC application an OHCA Care Management nurse must review the application and clinical data to verify the BCC applicant meets medical eligibility criteria for the BCC program.
(c) Upon verification by OHCA Care Management, the application is forwarded to the OKDHS worker to verify that the BCC applicant was screened by a CDC provider and meets criteria for the program as outlined in 317:35-21-1.


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