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317:40-7-5.Community-Based Services
[Revised 6-25-11]
Community-Based Services are provided in sites and at times typically used by others in the community and promote independence, inclusion within the community, and the creation of natural supports. Community-based services must reflect the member's choice and values in situations that are typical for age and culture.
(1) Approved Community-Based Services are individualized work-related supports targeting inclusion into integrated experiences. Community-Based Services are pre-planned, documented activities supported by a schedule relating to the member's identified employment outcomes. Approved activities include:
(A) active participation in formalized volunteer activities;
(B) active participation in paid or unpaid work experience sites in community settings;
(C) training through generic entities such as trade schools, Vo Techs, junior colleges, or other community groups. The provider is paid for the time during which direct supports are necessary and provided;
(D) stamina-enhancing programs that occur in integrated settings;
(E) transportation to and from employment or community-based activities;
(F) meals and breaks which must occur during the conduct of the member's employment activities;
(G) job tours or job shadowing scheduled with and provided by a community business entity;
(H) using Workforce OK services; and
(I) attending job fairs.
(2) Any other work-related community-based activities must be approved through the exception process described in OAC 317:40-7-21.
(3) Community-Based Services continue if the member has to go to a center-based facility for support such as repositioning or personal care, as long as the member returns immediately to a planned community-based activity. The amount of time for the repositioning and personal care are based upon a health care positioning plan approved by the Team.
(4) Community-Based Services are available for individual and group placements.
(A) Individual placement means the member is provided supports that enable him or her to participate in approved community-based activities described in this Section individually and not as part of a group placement.
(B) Group Placement means two to five members are provided supports that enable him or her to participate in approved community-based activities described in this Section.


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