Provider Letters


Provider communication becomes expeditious, electronic and eco-friendly

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) is pleased to announce its new “green” provider notification process. In going “green,” OHCA will offer providers the option of three sources of communication instead of the paper letter process. These options are:

  1. E-Mail Notification. Provider letters will be sent directly to the provider’s e-mail address.
  2. Web Alerts. A website banner on the OHCA secure site will notify providers of newly posted letters and include a link to the letters.

Providers: Please verify or update your contact information by logging in to the OHCA secure site and following these instructions:

  • Select “update provider file."
  • Verify your information; make corrections or changes as allowed.
  • Click the “submit” button.
 Search by Letter Number or Subject

Letter NumberSubjectDate Added to Web Site
2017-12 Prior Authorization of CPT Codes 95950 95953 and 95956 - Effective August 1 20177/20/2017
2017-11 Anesthesia Reimbursement Methodology7/18/2017
2017-10 Prior Authorization of 95951 and Medican Review for 959575/18/2017
2017-09 Important Changes to the Referral Process5/18/2017
2017-08 Cinqair and Kanuma Prior Authorization4/19/2017
2017-07 Prior Authorization Required Process Change - Effective July 1 20174/7/2017
2017-06 Revision of HLD Index of Malocclusion4/17/2017
2017-04 Prior Authorization of Medications Used to Treat Skin Cancer3/10/2017
2017-03 Emergency Ground Ambulance Coverage for Insure Oklahoma2/8/2017
2017-02 Immunization Vaccine Recommendations for Pregnant Women1/6/2017
2017-02 Emergency Ground Ambulance Coverage for Insure Oklahoma2/28/2017
2017-01 Perinatal Dental Coverage for Insure Oklahoma1/5/2017
2016-31 Important Coding and Reporting Changes to SCC Behavioral Health Screening12/16/2016
2016-30 Removal of Prior Authorization of Neulasta10/21/2016
2016-29 Prior Authorization Required Process Change9/30/2016
2016-28 Prior Authorization of Medications Used to Treat Prostate Cancer9/30/2016
2016-26 Prior Authorization for Definitive Urine Drug Testing8/31/2016
2016-25 Ordering Referring Rendering Provider8/16/2016
2016-24 Face to Face Requirements for Home Health Services8/23/2016
2016-23 Inpatient Behavioral Health Updates7/29/2016