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April 29, 2019

This release was prepared by Telligen and the Oklahoma Health Care Authority.

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Telligen Selected to Continue as Partner to Oklahoma Medicaid for Health Management Program  

West Des Moines, IA — Telligen has been selected to continue their work administering the SoonerCare Health Management Program (HMP) by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA). 

Since February 2008, Telligen has partnered with OHCA for two key healthcare contracts designed to improve clinical outcomes and lower the cost of care for Medicaid members who have or are at high risk of developing chronic disease. 

Over the lifespan of the program, Telligen’s work with the OHCA has led to taxpayer savings in excess of $288.5 million. An independent evaluation in 2018 showed the Telligen-administered HMP saved Oklahoma taxpayers $106.6 million with a return on investment of 288 percent in the previous four years alone. Evaluations showed that 87 percent of members reported a “very satisfied” experience with their health coaches.  

“The SoonerCare HMP is one of our innovative programs designed to improve health outcomes and lower costs while ensuring our members receive quality care. By utilizing the two prongs of the population health management program — care management and practice facilitation, we’ve engaged both members and providers to improve the odds of successful outcomes. What we’ve seen is a solid return on investment that we want to continue to build upon,” said OHCA CEO Becky Pasternik-Ikard.    

With Telligen being awarded the opportunity to administer the third generation of the HMP, these savings are estimated to exceed $300 million. In the next phase of the program, Telligen will continue the work of the previous two contracts, while also undertaking additional initiatives in furtherance of the OHCA’s goals. New efforts will include:

  • Continuing to expand the outreach to potential program members regardless of where they live in the state.

  • Continued support through practice facilitation for primary care providers in their role as the patient-centered medical home for members with complex/chronic conditions.

  • An increased emphasis on quality using performance-based contracting and value-based purchasing to promote improved quality and outcomes among providers.

“Telligen is delighted to have the opportunity to continue our work in Oklahoma,” said Bill Phipps, vice president of state health solutions at Telligen. “This program has set the bar high nationwide for addressing population health needs while also achieving hundreds of millions in savings to taxpayers.” 

“Since the launch of the Health Management Program, Telligen has been an outstanding partner in this initiative. They have been responsive to the needs of our SoonerCare members and the desires of the agency to improve the quality of healthcare for the members we serve. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Telligen and anticipate continued savings as we address the health related needs of our members,” said OHCA Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mike Herndon.  


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