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JUNE 2002 



These figures represent the number of persons enrolled and eligible to receive services in the State of Oklahoma Medicaid program.  The aid group is the category under which the individual qualifies for Medicaid.

Aid Group Age Group Clients % of Aid Group

% of Total

Aged/Blind/Disabled CHILD 10,557 9.43% 2.20%
Aged/Blind/Disabled ADULT 101,422 90.57% 21.11%
Medically Needy CHILD 345 17.80% 0.07%
Medically Needy ADULT 1,593 82.20% 0.33%
TANF/AFDC CHILD 316,330 87.94% 65.85%
TANF/AFDC ADULT 43,395 12.06% 9.03%
OTHER CHILD 36 0.53% 0.01%
OTHER ADULT 6,695 99.47% 1.39%

TANF/AFDC is defined as Temporary Aid to Needy Families formerly known as AFDC or Aid to Families and Dependant Children.

OTHER Group includes-Refugee-Qualified Medicare Beneficiary-DDSD Supported Living and TB patients.

CHILD is defined as an individual under the age of twenty one (21).

Total Clients 480,373 Adults 153,105 (32%)


New Certifications* 13,614 Adults 4,406


* Current clients that did not have eligibility in the last 6 months
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The SoonerCare figures represent the clients above, grouped by their Managed Care Health plan provider.  The balance of the clients not accounted for below are covered within the Fee-For-Service payment system.

SoonerCare Plus
  Central Northeast Southwest
CommunityCare 22,640  
Heartland 62,377 52,132   
Prime Advantage     9,472
UniCare 20,083  10,480 6,319
Area totals      105,100 62,612 15,791
SoonerCare Plus Total  183,503
SoonerCare Choice Total 155,316
SoonerCare Total 338,819
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Race Breakdown of Eligibles
The race breakdown figures represent the clients above, grouped by race as indicated by the client at the time of enrollment.
Children Adults
African American 58,679 23,604
American Indian 46,632 13,759
Asian or Pacific Islander 2,566 1,554
Caucasian 190,991 109,868
Hispanic 28,400 4,320

Data was compiled on 7/09/2002.  Numbers frequently change due to retro-certifications and other factors. Percents may not total due to rounding. For report purposes "Clients" refers to persons enrolled in Medicaid for the report month. This report is based on data within the system prior to 7/09/2002.

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