Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement is a critical operational feature that an organization employs to continually determine whether it operates in accordance with the approved design of its program, meets statutory and regulatory assurances and requirements, achieves desired outcomes, and identifies opportunities for improvement. 

In accordance with 42 CFR §431.10, the Medicaid agency is responsible for ensuring that a waiver is operated in accordance with applicable Federal regulations and the provisions of the waiver itself. The Medicaid agency may not delegate its authority over a waiver to another state entity. A waiver may be operated by the Medicaid agency or another state agency, provided that the other state agency and the Medicaid agency enter into an agreement that specifies the waiver administrative and operational activities and functions that the other agency performs under the supervision of the Medicaid agency.

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority State Medicaid Director has delegated the responsibility for programs that serve the elderly and individuals with disabilities to the Long Term Care Waiver Operations Division. Within this division, the Waiver Administration and Operations unit was created to oversee operations of the Living Choice Demonstration and to provide oversight of 1915(c) Home and Community-Based waiver services.

LTCWO Quality Improvement Measures: