American Indians  may choose services from Indian Health Service, tribal and Urban Indian Health programs. more »

Child Health, also known as Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT), is a preventive health care package for children age 20 or younger enrolled in Oklahoma Medicaid. more » 

Long-Term Care Services is a system of health care providing long-term care and support in home and community-based settings, in nursing homes, in small and large residential care facilities or group homes, and in the workplace. This includes Living Choice, PACE, Focus On Excellence, Oklahoma Long-Term Care Partnership, Certified Nurse Aide Training program and more. more »  

Oklahoma Cares is the Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program that provides SoonerCare benefits to uninsured women under 65, who need treatment for breast or cervical cancer (including pre-cancerous conditions and early stage cancer). more »

Pregnancy Services are services designed to ensure that every qualified pregnant woman has access to medical care, with the goal of lowering Oklahoma’s infant mortality rate and improving maternal and infant health. more>>

SoonerCare Choice is a Primary Care Case Management (PCCM) program in which each member has a medical home. The medical home provider will coordinate all health care services to qualifying Oklahomans.  Please visit our Qualification Guidelines page to find out if you qualify. more »

SoonerCare Health Management Program is an innovative and comprehensive approach to chronic disease management. more »

SoonerCare Supplemental is a plan that pays the coinsurance and deductible and provides medical benefits that supplement those services covered by Medicare. more »

SoonerCare Traditional is a comprehensive medical benefit plan that purchases benefits for members as they receive a service. SoonerCare Traditional provides coverage for members who qualify for Medicaid and are institutionalized, in state or tribal custody or enrolled under a Home and Community-Based Waiver. The member accesses services from contracted providers, and the OHCA pays the provider on a fee-for-service basis. more »

SoonerPlan is a benefit plan covering limited services related to family planning, to women and men ages 19 and older, in an effort to reduce unwanted pregnancies. more »

SoonerRide provides free non-emergency transportation to and from SoonerCare covered appointments. more »

TEFRA (Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982), Care for Children with Disabilities allows members under age 19 with special health care needs or disabilities to be cared for at home instead of in an institution. more »