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SubChapter 1RULES
317:10-1-3.General contracting and purchasing provisions
317:10-1-4.Vendor registration
317:10-1-5.Reports of vendor non-compliance to the Central Purchasing Division, Oklahoma Department of Central Services [REVOKED]
317:10-1-6.Vendor samples [REVOKED]
317:10-1-7.Submission of bids [REVOKED]
317:10-1-8.Bid openings [REVOKED]
317:10-1-9.Bid evaluations [REVOKED]
317:10-1-10.Award of bid [REVOKED]
317:10-1-11.Terms and conditions for acceptable bids [REVOKED]
317:10-1-12.Protest of award
317:10-1-13.Administrative review [REVOKED]
317:10-1-14.Group purchasing acquisition [REVOKED]
317:10-1-15.Sole source or sole brand acquisitions [REVOKED]
317:10-1-16.Delegation of authority
317:10-1-17.Acquisitions of $2,500 or less [REVOKED]
317:10-1-18.Acquisitions in excess of $2,500 and not exceeding $10,000 [REVOKED]
317:10-1-18.1.Acquisitions in excess of $10,000 and not exceeding $25,000 [REVOKED]
317:10-1-18.2.Acquisitions in excess of $25,000 [REVOKED]
317:10-1-19.Professional service contracts [REVOKED]
317:10-1-20.Interagency/Intergovernmental agreements [REVOKED]

Disclaimer. The OHCA rules found on this Web site are unofficial. The official rules are published by the Oklahoma Secretary of State Office of Administrative Rules as Title 317 of the Oklahoma Administrative Code. To order an official copy of these rules, contact the Office of Administrative Rules at (405) 521-4911.